We can provide details about our records and other sources held at the Berkshire Record Office (BRO), and how they can be used for research, free of charge. We can also provide guidance on where to look for records not held at the BRO.

If we need to look at the records held at the BRO for you we can, but we need to charge a fee. Currently we charge £28.00 per hour with a minimum half hour charge of £14.00.

In order that we may effectively use the time you will be paying for, please email or write to us with the following details:

  • Make your requirements as specific as possible
  • State exactly what information you are seeking
  • Give us any relevant details you have already

This information will enable us to assess:

  • Whether we have the resources to help you
  • How long the enquiry might take
  • We will then report back to you

If you wish to proceed, please send payment in advance:

  • By cheque made payable to Reading Borough Council
  • By credit or debit card by calling 0118 937 5132
  • By international money order or cheque in pounds sterling, drawn on a bank with a UK branch

Searches will be carried out either until the time paid for has been used, or until the information requested has been found.

Only the most specific of searches (e.g. one entry in a parish register) can be completed in 30 minutes.

We aim to respond to enquiries within 5 working days of receiving them.

Enquiries should be addressed to:

Whether you would like us to see what we have or carry out research for you, please get in touch via out Contact Us page.