Copying Services


Some records can be photocopied, but not all. The heat and pressure applied during copying can damage documents and bound volumes, and we may have to turn down some requests for photocopies.

We do not consider it safe to photocopy:

  • bound volumes
  • papers above A3 (except O.S. maps)
  • fragile or crumbling documents
  • parchment
  • photographs
  • other items that may be damaged

However, thousands of records in our custody can be photocopied for you; it all depends on size, format, and condition, but not necessarily age. You will need to know our document reference before ordering copies.

Large orders, those that require a search to find entries and any that require a great deal of assessment of documents in order to provide a quote, may also incur a search fee of £14.00 per half hour.

Please check with us if you need help with your order.


If ordered in the search room:
£1 per sheet (whether A4 or A3)
Orders can be collected on a future visit or posted out to you (p & p extra).

If ordered by mail or telephone:
£3 for the first sheet (A4 or A3) and £1 for subsequent sheets (inland p & p included, airmail extra).

We aim to complete photocopy orders within 10 working days.

Photocopying is undertaken by staff only.


Photocopy order form


Many of the most popular archives have been microfilmed and printouts on paper can be supplied.

Printouts reproduce the original document like a photocopy. These include many documents which cannot be photocopied. You will need to know our document reference before ordering printouts.

Please check with us if you need help with your order.

Printouts can be made from:

  • most parish registers of baptisms, marriages and burials, from 1538
  • census returns, 1841-1901
  • wills, 1508-1857
  • tithe awards, 1830s-1840s
  • IGI and GRO indexes
  • any other records on film or fiche


There is a self-service printer in the search room.
50p per printout (A4 or A3)

If processed by staff (ordered in the search room):
£1 per printout (A4 or A3)
Orders can be collected on a future visit or posted out to you (p & p extra)

Film or fiche printouts ordered by mail or telephone:
£3 for the first sheet (A4 or A3) and £1 for subsequent sheets (inland p & p included, airmail extra)

Large orders and those that require a search to find entries may also incur a search fee of £14.00 per half hour.

We aim to complete printout orders within 10 working days.


Printout order form


How to obtain photographs and digital copies of items in our collections

You are welcome to obtain photographs of documents in our collections. We offer an in-house service, which aims to provide working, rather than publication quality copies. You can also bring your own camera into the searchroom and take pictures.

We make a charge for both these services. 

Digital Copies

We can supply digital copies of items in our collections by email, on CD or as a photographic print. The images supplied are of research quality (at a resolution of 300 dpi), not of publication quality and the condition of a document may also affect the quality of the reproduction.

Publication quality images can be supplied; please ask for details. A separate permission for any image that you wish to published will need to be completed and a re-use fee may also apply.

Before taking payment we may need to seek advice in order to assess the best way to capture and produce images and therefore provide an accurate quote.

All images are sent via Quatrix and you will need some form of image viewer is required in order to view digital images.

Digital copy order form

Self Service Photography

You are welcome to bring your own camera into our reading room to take photographs.

In common with many Record Offices, we make a charge for this which is £1.00 per image.

We recognise that some customers may wish to take large quantities of images. In such circumstances, we are able to cap self-service photography fees at £100 per academic year, providing that you are a student undertaking an individual project leading towards a recognised educational qualification. Please contact us in advance if you think you meet these criteria.

If you do wish to take photographs, then please let staff know when you arrive. They will ask you to complete a copyright declaration form, and to make a note of what you take. Please also use flash-free equipment or disable your flash. If you wish to use a tripod or other photographic equipment, we may need to ask you to book a special appointment.

Please note that video filming and scanning is not permitted.


£1.00 per image taken.

Please note that a large document may require several images to achieve a complete copy.

Certificates and Certified Copies

We can supply certificates of Berkshire parish register entries for official and legal purposes. These are hand-written and certified by staff. Therefore they do not show original writing or signatures.

Certified copies are typed and certified as being a true copy of the original, with the exception of marriage certificates which are handwritten.

If the relevant register has been microfilmed, you may find that even for official purposes a cheaper printout will suffice. Please see our Printouts section above for details on how to obtain a printout copy.


Prices correspond with those charged by local registrars and churches (inland p & p included; airmail extra).

Baptism and burial certificates (any date) and pre-1837 marriage certificates £13.00 per certificate

Post-1837 marriage certificates £11.50 per certificate

If a search is required to find the entry in a register, a fee of £14.00 per half hour will also be charged.

Birth, marriage and death certificates

Whilst we hold a copy of the national indexes of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales 1837-2004 on microfiche, we cannot supply certificates of civil registration.

Search the internet for your local register office.

Certified copies

Certified copies of other documents from our collections can also be ordered. Costs are calculated according to staff time spent on research, transcription, typing and certification at £14.00 per half hour.

Restoration Service

Do you have old, faded or damaged photographs at home?

We can fix a wide variety of defects with no harm to the original image. We do this by creating and then editing a digital copy to make your pictures look as good as new. Each photograph is treated on an individual basis.

Prices start from £14.00.

Contact us for a free individual estimate.

Information about copyright, payment and publishing copies


Under UK law we can only supply customers with one copy of any item which is in copyright. In the UK virtually all archives (no matter how old they are) are in copyright until 31 December 2039. We also have to ask you to sign a copyright declaration which satisfies UK law before we can supply you with copies, and make a charge for supplying them. This inevitably affects the speed with which we can supply your copies. Please bear this in mind if you need us to supply copies to meet a deadline.

Generally speaking, you are welcome to copy entire items if they are unpublished. However, some depositors prefer that we do not allow unrestricted copying. If your research project is likely to involve substantial copying, please contact us in advance of your visit or order.

Publishing copies

Please contact us if you wish to publish any copy that you acquire from us or a transcript of it. We may need to seek permission from the depositor before publication is allowed. We also charge a re-use fee: please see the related download below.


We ask for payment in advance. Please always ask for a precise quotation before sending any money.

You can pay by:

  • cheque made payable to Reading Borough Council
  • credit or debit card by calling 0118 937 5132
  • international money order or cheque in pounds sterling, drawn on a bank with a UK branch.


Re-use Fees pdf